Annihilate the Evil

Limb Music


01. The Boys From Down Under
02. Dog Soldiers
03. Revenge In Flames
04. Fake Hero
05. Iron, Steel, Concrete, Granite
06. Oxi Day
07. Rossbach
08. The Iron Brigade
09. Thyra’s Wall
10. Defector
11. White Lily (Okhotnik)
12. Herkus Mantas
13. Gimme Shelter*



• Produced by R.D.Liapakis
• Mastered by Christian Schmid & R.D.Liapakis
• Recorded at Prophecy & Music Factory, studios
• Sound engineer Christian Schmid
• Cover art by Uwe Jarling
• Layout & Artwork design by Anestis Goudas
• Photos by Serge Baugniet
• All songs written and composed by FireForce

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Annihilate the Evil

FIREFORCE is, without doubt, Belgium’s biggest and internationally most active power metal band and also fans on the heavy metal underground scene.

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