Fireforce was founded by Erwin Suetens after he left Double Diamond. He immediately asked Filip Lemmens, who had left Double Diamond a couple months before, to join. They were joined by guitarist Joeri Brion, bassist MetalPat and drummer TH Bulsara. Erwin Suetens is the main songwriter of the band.

A few months later in 2009, the first recordings were done in Belgium for the EP “Moonlight Lady”. The tracks were sent to Germany, to be mixed and produced by RD Liapakis (Of Mystic Prophecy, Suicidal Angels, Steel Prophet and Devil’s Train fame) in the Prophecy & Music Factory studios in Kempten.

Thanks to this EP, record labels began taking interest in the band and it brought them a record deal. In 2011 the debut album “March On” was released all over Europe. This time the recordings were done completely in the Prophecy & Music Factory studios by Christian Schmid, and RD Liapakis supervised the complete production process.

The line-up that recorded “March On” was: Erwin Suetens – Guitars, Filip Lemmens – Vocals, MetalPat – Bass, Steve Deleu – Guitars, Tom Heijnen – Drums

This album raised the band from underground status to new heights. Their tight, driving Heavy Metal with clear leanings towards Power Metal did not overlook more pleasant harmonic, melodic components. On the live scene, Fireforce stood on a solid base and underlined the excellent quality of their album with impressive gigs and tours.

Steve Deleu was then replaced by Marcus “Rooky” Forstbauer, and Tom Heijnen by Christophe De Combe.

In 2014, the long-awaited successor “Deathbringer” was released, and it showed that Fireforce wasn’t resting on its laurels but were progressing in every aspect of their genre. This album was once again recorded in the Prophecy & Music Factory studios in the reliable hands of producer R.D. Liapakis and engineer Christian Schmid. “Deathbringer” is alive with fistfuls of riff structures, galloping drums and vocals in true metal style. “Deathbringer” is a crisp and well-structured Heavy Metal album with a heavy dose of old-school style, but also a voluminous, modern production which drive the songs even further forward.

The line-up that recorded “Deathbringer” was: Erwin Suetens – Guitars, Filip Lemmens – Vocals, Geert Van Dyck – Bass, Yves Vermeersch – Guitars, Christophe De Combe – Drums

The music video “Deathbringer” was released online by Limb Music on May 15, 2014. Prior to the release of the album, the second video “Highland Charge”, was released on June 19, 2014. After the release, two more music videos were released: “Thunder Will Roll” and “Combat Metal”.

Great reviews by the European metal press helped secure shows in Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, France and the UK; where the band shared the stage with names such as Tokyo Blade, Crimson Glory, Hell, Mystic Prophecy, Nightmare, Avantasia, Tygers of Pan Tang, Artillery, Rage, Saxon, Ostrogoth, Debauchery, Blaze, Vicious Rumors, Omen, Masters Of Disguise, Salem, Q5, Avenger, Circle II Circle, Iron Fire, Jack Starr, Air Raid, Raven, Manticora, Jaguar, and Hatriot.

Yves Vermeersch then left due to personal reasons, so Thierry Vanderzanden was brought in as guitarist.

The release of “Deathbringer” was accompanied by a tour in Germany, Austria and Belgium in autumn 2014; along with Mystic Prophecy and Crystal Tears. They also made a second appearance at one of the biggest indoor metal festivals in Europe, the PPM-Festival in Mons. Their 2014 show was one of the most remarkable!

October 2016 saw the recording of “Annihilate The Evil”, by the same team and in the same studio as the previous releases. The album was released on September 1, 2017 and received many excellent reviews. Jonas Sanders, the drummer for ProPain,and a good friend of the band, was enlisted to play the drum tracks for this new album. The cover was drawn by Uwe Jarling (who was also responsible for the “Killhammer”album from “Mystic prophecy” and the booklet was designed by Anestis Goudas who also made the “Deathbringer” cover and booklet.

Geert Van Dyck left the band in 2016, and Serge Bastaens replaced him on the bass.

Filip Lemmens and Thierry Van der Zanden stepped down in May 2018, and were replaced by Søren Adamsen as vocalist, and Marcus Forstbauer, returning after a 5-year absence, as guitarist.

On July 1, 2018, Fireforce played the main stage of the AMF (Antwerp Metal Fest) in support of Testament.

The songwriting for the upcoming album was started by Erwin Suetens in November 2017, and recording is planned for 2019.


Søren Adamsen


Erwin Suetens


Marcus R. Forstbauer


Serge Bastaens


Christophe De Combe


Annihilate the Evil

FIREFORCE is, without doubt, Belgium’s biggest and internationally most active power metal band and also fans on the heavy metal underground scene.

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