FIREFORCE started their Battle for Freedom at the end of the year 2008. Very quickly, the band became well-known for their excellent live gigs, and their 2009 EP “Moonlight Lady” succeeded in attracting the attention of the recording industry. As a result, 2010 was a very creative year for the band. Their debut album “March On”, which was released the end of March 2011 throughout Europe, propelled the band out of the underground Metal scene from which it emerged, and into the hearts of the larger public, i.e. Metal fans everywhere. The strong drive of the band’s Heavy Metal roots constantly interacts with their obvious affinity with the Power Metal genre. However, a melodious harmonic component is always present in their work. The twelve songs on the album are characterised by solid riff structures accompanied by an excellent drum baseline that keeps on driving them forward. The vocals truly deserve to be described as authentically Metal and never falter once throughout the album.

Summing up, “March On” is a thrilling, well-structured Heavy Metal album with definite Old School tendencies complemented by the albums contemporary production. The band had finalised their negotiations with 7Hard Records in Germany in 2010 and had found a willing producer in MYSTIC PROPHECY vocalist R.D.Liapakis (producer for SUICIDAL ANGELS, CRYSTAL TEARS, WINTER`S VERGE, ELDRITCH and others).

The band were able to add the finishing touch to the album by adding a guest appearance by guitarist Constantine (MYSTIC PROPHECY, DESCENDING, PRIMAL FEAR). The finished masterpiece provided a new benchmark for the Belgian Heavy Metal scene. “March On“ is pure Heavy Metal adrenaline. It’s an album that is being driven forward relentlessly by its riveting riffs and thundering drums and rhythms that grab you by the throat. None of the twelve songs seem to show any kind of weakness. On the contrary, the album grows and becomes more powerful with each song. With “March On” FIREFORCE deliver a calling card that proves their True Metal and Old School heritage worthy.

A small club tour with Pegazus brought them in Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland. Even Cyprus was visited as a special guest for Mystic Prophecy. Other shows were played with Tokyo Blade, Girlschool, Blaze, Roxxcalibur, Skullfist, Iron Mask, Crimson Glory, Nightmare, Hell, Avantasia, Tygers Of PanTang etc… PPM fest and R-Mine metalfest were played with a big success!

The recordings of the new album "Deathbringer" were started in march 2013, again under supervision of R.D. Liapakis and engineer Christian Schmid in the Music Factory Prophecy Studio's in Germany, and was released on June 20th 2014. This time, Laki Ragazas (MYSTIC PROPHECY, DEVIL'S TRAIN) was brought in to perform some great guest solo's! The album was highly praised by the press all over the globe. After the release, more than 40 shows were played, including a tour with Mystic Prophecy which brought them in Germany, Belgium and Austria, and again, a performance at the last PPM festival amongst bands like SAXON, MASTERPLAN and RAGE. The “Rock You To Hell” festival in Athens, Greece, saw them conquering their stage in the last part of 2014. In 2015, their war for metal drags on and will conquer new shores...let the metal rage on!